Christmas Book – All Is Calm

Gift Before The Gift

The holiday season is upon us. This little book is designed to help you walk into the season with perhaps a new sense of what the Lord is saying in and through, not just the holiday; but life.

We know you don’t have a lot of time, so each day’s reading will take about five minutes. You can leave it at that. Read and be on your way.

Or you can take the thought with you as you go about your business. You might find that the Lord uses it on the road. You might come back to it in the evening and dig a bit deeper using scripture as your guide. Maybe you will talk about it with a friend.

Each day includes a few lines for journaling. If you are reading the ebook version we left the journaling lines in as an encouragement for you to take a few minutes and write out your thoughts, whatever they may be.

There are no rules here. This book is meant to be a gift before the gifts. It is for you and we are hoping that it is from Him in some sense, just because He loves you.


Randy and Amy

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